My 4-part system to a password that’s easy to remember and hard to guess.

Everyone around me is always forgetting their passwords. My family, my coworkers, my clients… maybe you’re one of those people.

But passwords are problematic. You have to choose between one that’s easy to remember but not secure; or one that’s secure but hard to remember.

Now I know that there…

Examples of how to ask people to give monthly to your nonprofit

A solid, growing monthly donor base is essential for the long-term sustainability of your nonprofit. But you already know that.

The question here isn’t why, but how.

The answer is actually quite simple: ask.

Ask your audience to give monthly. It’s easier said than done though. In my experience helping…

5 Simple Ways to Tweak Your Messaging

More important than how your website looks is the message that it communicates.

A modern and visually appealing website is necessary in establishing a professional brand for your nonprofit. But how you communicate your mission to those website visitors is critical for acquiring new donors.

I’ll share 5 ways to…

How marketing psychology can help you connect with your audience

Nonprofits often think of branding as how they want to present themselves. Though true, effective branding is actually how they present their donors.

Nonprofits struggle with connecting donors to the mission. You may have this same challenge. You try to communicate how good and important your work is. You try…

From stocks to cryptocurrency, here are different ways to get new donations.

Has your nonprofit’s fundraising growth hit a plateau? Do you feel like you’ve tapped out your current donor base?

Though there are always things you can do to maximize donations from your supporter pool, sometimes the well does start running dry and you need to look for other revenue streams.

The 3 key metrics I look at for the overall health of an organization.

“We run ads and post on social media, but no one’s interested in our nonprofit.”

That was what one nonprofit director said to me in a recent conversation.

My response was this: “How do you measure interest?”

That’s a question few nonprofits consider. Sometimes we have this notion that if…

But why they keep on happening.

They’re obviously rude and annoying. It’s apparent to the other conversationalists and any audience. It’s also increasingly frustrating when it’s constant.

They reveal arrogance and self-infatuation. The interrupter thinks what they have to say is more important, and assumes the other participants and audience agree.

They’re purely emotional and never…

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Blogger, Photographer, Vlogger, Consultant

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