Getting a Last-Minute Passport Quick: Urgent Travel Service

How I got my passport 3 days before my international flight.

Steven Ma


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Do you need to get a new USA passport quickly within weeks or even days? Perhaps you forgot your passport expired, you lost your passport, or you don’t have a passport and an urgent international trip just came up.

There’s a way to get one fast, and I’ll share with you the steps to do it, as well as my own personal experience in getting a quick passport.

Article Outline:

  • Why I Needed a Quick Passport
  • 4 Methods of Getting a Passport
  • Process & Requirements for Urgent Travel Service
  • Scheduling an Appointment
  • What Happens at the Appointment
  • Getting My Passport
  • Tips for Getting a Quick Passport

Why I Needed a Quick Passport

My family and I had an international trip planned for the summer. Then about a month before we were scheduled to leave, my passport was lost. In my defense, I did not lose my passport, another member of my family lost my passport.

Typically you would try to get an expedited passport, but the timeframe to get that was past the time of our travel date. So the only other option was to use the Urgent Travel Service, which allows you to get a passport within 2 weeks of travel.

4 Methods of Getting a Passport

First, let’s go over the different ways to get a passport to see where Urgent Travel Service fits in.

1. Routine

This is your normal way of getting a passport. If it’s your first time or if you’ve lost you passport, you need to apply in person. If you are just renewing, you can apply by mail. The processing time is 10–13 weeks (this has gone up from 6–9 weeks), though this can change. See the Passport Agency’s website for up to date info.

2. Expedited

The same method as a routine application, except you pay an extra fee to have it expedited. It reduces the processing time to 7–9 weeks (this used to be…