Why We Sold Our House and Moved into an Apartment

No, it’s not the smartest financial decision in the world, but not everything’s about money.

Steven Ma
5 min readJul 22, 2019
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We recently sold our house and moved into an apartment. We weren’t in financial trouble, we didn’t move for a new job, and there were no family issues.

By most measures we were making a bad financial decision.

Most people would say that buying a house is the best long-term investment. They would stay that renting is just throwing your money away. Many financial advisors would tell you to go from renting to owning as soon as you’re able to.

The only reason to sell your house would be to buy another house whether bigger, smaller, or in a different city. Selling a house to go back to renting would be the last decision you want to make — especially when you’ve only had that house for 2 years.

So why did we do it?

There were three main reasons: correcting a mistake, creating community, and setting up a future.

Correcting a Mistake

We bought a house too early.

When my wife and I got married, our first home together was a one bedroom apartment. For the next 3 years, it was perfect…